Monday, May 15, 2006

Looking for hand written love letters in English and other languages for an Art Installation

Hello everybody! My name is Elena and I am an artist-painter from Greece.
The reason I ve made this blogg is because I need your help in making my art!
I am now working on an ART INSTALLATION PROJECT which has to do with love and relationships. For that I am looking for hand written love letters, poems, diary pages, Valentine cards, etc. in English and other languages.
The pages will be used to make something like a wallpaper which will be presented in Greek gallery exhibitions in the following months.
The idea is to make something like an interactiveinstallation, giving everybody the opportunity to share his/her experience and the deepest thoughts about Love and relationships. Everybody is welcomed to send me by e-mail some of his /hers hand written pages.
You may write your name on it if you wish.